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1. Prestige and brand image

A listed company is identified in the market as a guarantee of solvency, transparency and prestige.

The listing in itself is a recognition of a company's solvency as it demonstrates its capacity to generate profits. Investors prepared to contribute funds value every effort made to streamline and improve the professionalism of management. This creates a constant incentive for making the company more competitive. In short, a company that is ready to be listed has attained a high degree of management.

This prestige is recognised not only by investors, but also by clients, suppliers and financial executives of the company. The results are interesting: stronger business position, improved relations with suppliers, clients, banks, etc.

The market provides publicity which enhances the company's prestige and brand image

The interest of professional analysts and investors in information on listed companies has raised the profile of these companies over unlisted ones in the media, particularly in the Spanish and international financial press.

This presence, which is part of a company's external relations, efficiently complements conventional marketing and publicity efforts.

Particularly in the case of consumer goods or service companies, a listing helps to make a brand better known. This phenomenon has been seen in several of the most recent listings. The publicity, contracted or spontaneous, which accompanied a placement has a impact on the brand image.

The company's image improves with the continuous publicity provided by the market and this is reflected in the media.

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