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How to be listed

The stock market is the answer to the objective of many companies that want to take a huge leap forward and consolidate their project. Some of them find the financing they need, others value their potential, many benefit from the prestige and visibility of the market, all of them obtain liquidity and find new investors and tools to improve their management.

Being listed on the stock market is a strategic business decision that opens the company to a new environment of opportunities and advantages.

Access to the stock market is a simple process that requires the fulfillment of certain prior requirements and a subsequent choice of the procedure that best suits the needs and objectives of the company. In the IPO Guide you will find the necessary information about the IPO process.

Guide How to be listed

This guide is aimed at all companies that wish to harness the opportunities provided by being present in the capital markets and in particular in the Spanish Stock Exchange. It includes information about:

  • Benefits of listing on the stock exchange, such as access to continuous financing, liquidity for shareholders or making the company more visible.

  • Requirements to access the market.

  • Description of the process to prepare an IPO in an efficient, agile and transparent way.

  • Guidance on terms and costs of the procedure.



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