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BCN - Fachada del edificio

Front of the building

The Bolsa de Barcelona building is located on Paseo de Gracia, 19. From this downtown location, the Barcelona Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Barcelona) provides easy access to all national and international markets.

BCN - Entrada al Edificio

Building entrance

In order to access the Barcelona Stock Exchange building (Bolsa de Barcelona), visitors must identify themselves before the Access and Security Control Service.

BCN - Vista general del parquet electrónico

General view of the Electronic Trading Floor

The Electronic Trading Floor of the Barcelona Stock Exchange is equipped with modern facilities and state of the art technology

BCN - Corros viva voz

Trading Pit formerly destined to voice contracting

Until September 3 2009, at the Barcelona Stock Exchange certain shares were still being traded using the traditional voice contracting procedure.

Since then, all shares negotiations and contracting are carried out through electronic systems.

BCN - Boxes

Contracting Boxes for members of the Barcelona Stock Exchange

Members of the Barcelona Stock Exchange have specially assigned boxes on the electronic trading floor. These boxes are equipped with state of the art technology that allows access to all global markets.

Members can also use the box terminals which provide real time information on all world markets.

The facility also provides workstations with front and back office services and several complimentary equipments (phone consoles with built-in recording systems and tactile dialling, fax, printers, etc)

BCN - Zonas equipadas

Areas equipped with information broadcasting systems

The Electronic Trading Floor has different areas equipped with information broadcasting systems that allow real time access to all relevant data on national and international markets (quotations, graphs, relevant news and financial information on quoted firms, foreign currencies, derivative products markets, etc.)

BCN - Monitores

Electronic Trading Floor monitors

In order to facilitate monitoring of the evolution of all national and international markets, the Electronic Trading Floor has a large video wall with six (6) high-resolution tickers and over 1,000 screen monitors.

The Electronic Trading Floor also features an area where users can simultaneously watch the ten (10) main television channels that provide continuous financial information and news around the globe (CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Sky News, etc.)


Data Processing Centre

The Barcelona Stock Exchange is also equipped with a modern Data Processing Centre that uses state of the art technology to provide efficient IT services to its members and to the whole financial community, 24 hours a day.

Sala de actos pequeña

Conference Room

The conference room has all the necessary audiovisual equipment (microphones, projection systems, etc.) and can seat over 200 people.

The Conference Room is used to present financial results, quoted companies project results and to hold a variety of corporate events.

All kinds of conferences, seminars, training courses, and information dissemination activities are also carried out in this room.

Sala consejo pequeña

Board of Directors Meeting Room

The Board of Directors Meeting Room is the place where the Administrative Council of the Barcelona Stock Exchange Ruling Society,  holds its meetings. The Meeting Room also hosts protocol acts and high level meetings with relevant figures and with Spanish and foreign high executives from different firms, as well as from economic and financial institutions.

The Board of Directors Meeting Room features the portraits of all the administrator-presidents that have ruled the Official Commercial Stock Exchange of Barcelona and The Presidents of the Administrative Council of the Barcelona Stock Exchange Ruling Society.

BCN - Sala BCN Global 100

BCN Blobal-100 room

Apart from the Conference Room, the Barcelona Stock Exchange also has other rooms destined for smaller meetings and events.

One of those rooms is the BCN GLOBAL-100, which has a large meeting table that can seat up to 28 people.

This room is also equipped with audiovisual systems.

Sala llotja pequeña

"Casa Llotja de mar" room

There have always been brokers in Barcelona. Already during the 8th Century, this group was officially recognized under the name of “Corredors d´Aurelia” and was regulated according to a series of ordinances issued by King Don Jaime I of Aragon in 1271. From the ancient Catalan “Corredors d´Aurelia”, the name evolved into “Corredors d´Orella”, which was used as of 1501 together with a new name, “Corredors de la Llotja”, derived from the gothic building “Casa Llotja de Mar” where all contracting activities were carried out.

BCN - Cafeteria

Restaurant and Cafeteria

The Electronic Trading Floor also has a restaurant and cafeteria equipped with fifty (50) monitors that provide real time information on markets, permanently.



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