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If you are interested in carrying out any of the modalities of Group Guided Tours set out below, you must complete and send the form that can be found in this link to the following email address:

This form must indicate the type of visit you wish to make, as well as the contact details and the date on which the visit is requested.

You can also request further information by calling: 93 401 38 82



The different types of Group Guided Tours offered by the Barcelona Stock Exchange are set out below:

- Free visit: The Free Visit modality consists of a visit of between 20 and 25 minutes during which the main areas of the Electronic Parquet are visited and the most essential concepts of the financial markets and the Barcelona Stock Exchange are briefly explained.

Free Visits are aimed at groups of students or any group of people who are interested in understanding the main functions of the financial markets and the stock market.

 - Premium Visit: The Premium Visit modality consists of a visit of between 60 and 90 minutes during which the most important concepts of the financial markets are detailed. Furthermore, this modality includes some interactive digital activities elaborated by the Market Intelligence Department of BME in which a series of activities related to the financial markets, the stock indexes and companies are presented. The activities are available in Spanish and Catalan and sent to the person in charge of the group, together with the solutions of the exercises, before the day of the Visit so that the visitors can ask any questions regarding any concept surrounding financial markets.

The Premium Visits are focused on groups of students (high school, professional education or higher) interested in deepening and connecting in detail the main functions of the financial markets and the Stock Exchange.

Depending on the level and courses of the assistants, the Visit is personalized and adapted. At the same time, interactive activities are also designed to be adapted to the course of each group. During the 2nd year of higher school, the Premium Visit will be aimed at concepts of the business economics course included in the entrance exams to college (PAU).

The cost of the Premium Visit is € 200 + VAT, regardless of the number of people making up the group. However, the recommended maximum number of students per group is 50.


Premium Visit Timeline:

The first part of the visit takes place in the Auditorium of the Barcelona Stock Exchange, where the fundamentals of finance and financial markets are explained and a corporate video of BME and the Barcelona Stock Exchange is displayed. Besides, the importance of long-term responsible saving and investment will be highlighted through practical examples.

The second part of the visit takes place in the most prominent areas of the Electronic Parquet. The operational functioning of the on-site market is witnessed and the main stock market indices at a global level are detailed and explained, as well as the different existing financial markets and how the stock-trading screens should be interpreted.



- Advanced Visit: The Advanced Visits have a duration of 75-120 minutes and aim to allow attendees to deepen their knowledge of the stock market.

For all this, several topics are discussed during the visit: Microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis; the importance of macroeconomic data and its impact on financial markets (equity, fixed income, money market, currencies, derivatives,…); fundamental analysis versus technical analysis; the functioning of the market (opening, closing and volatility auctions); type of operations; structure of the Spanish stock market and its characteristics; monetary policy and fiscal policy.

The macroeconomic calendar for the corresponding month will be delivered, as well as information about the websites where they can access to all the information on markets prepared by the Barcelona Stock Exchange on a recurring basis.

This type of Advanced Visit is aimed at groups of university students or any group of people with basic financial knowledge acquired and who are interested in learning more about national and international financial markets.

The following are the rates for the Advanced Visit, which vary depending on the number of attendees:


Group up to 20 people                 250 + VAT

Group up to 30 people                 350 + VAT

Group up to 40 people                 400 + VAT

Group up to 50 people                 450 + VAT

Group of more than 50 people     475 + VAT



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