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Information of Fintech Hub


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On July 20, 2020, the signing of the agreement as a Global Partner between Barcelona Stock Exchange-BME and BCN TechCity materializes, as well as the agreement for the creation of a technological HUB in the Fintech field in the building of Paseo de Gracia, 19 , headquarters of the Barcelona Stock Exchange.

This HUB will be configured as a space specifically dedicated to the development of fintech activity to increase and interweave synergies between traditional financial sector companies already established in the market and new technology companies (startups) in this sector, facilitating their approach to the capital market and offering them the participation in an open and innovative ecosystem, achieving a collaborative environment in a space where Market Members, Startups, Corporates and Qualified Investors coexist. This will create a financial technological ecosystem of reference in the city of Barcelona through the Barcelona Stock Exchange-BME that in addition to offering all these companies the opportunity to grow and expand, will also offer the services and markets that it has. 

We are in times of continuous changes and constant developments and the markets are not strangers to these movements, so they must make the most of all these opportunities. With the implementation of this HUB, a close and direct connection is generated between the Barcelona Stock Exchange-BME and part of the innovative and technological Fintech business ecosystem in order to approach companies with trends and services of the moment, increase the number of companies present in our markets and participate and evaluate technology in our different ranges of services.

At the Barcelona-BME Stock Exchange we have market segments dedicated to bringing financing solutions to companies in not very mature phases and with high expansion profiles. The implementation of this HUB will allow us to connect this circuit of demand and supply of business financing in a natural and very direct way, increasing the possibility of participating in all these processes of attracting business investment. In addition to all the services, it will be possible to have a business accelerator owned by the SIX Group in this project, group to which Bolsa de Barcelona belongs as a member of the BME Group, where it will develop the first stage of startup during the first five months.

With the creation of this HUB, a solid and important transformation for the Barcelona Stock Exchange can be consolidated both internally with the integrating potential of the project itself and externally due to its visibility through events and financing rounds and the firmness of offering financing and expansion tools to the business community, both large companies and SMEs and startups whatever their size.

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