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Access to International Markets


The Barcelona Stock Exchange, which is part of the Holding Company Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME), within its strategic line aimed at fully internationalizing its activity, has launched a new Service that provides efficient access to International Markets.

The basic objective of this new Service is to substantially improve and optimize the processes of contracting, settlement and custody of foreign securities. To achieve this objective, the Barcelona Stock Exchange has implemented a completely automated system that connects its Members with the aforementioned International Markets and guarantees that, once the transactions have taken place, all subsequent settlement and custody processes are carried out on time and without incident. 

International markets to which access is provided

This new Service facilitates access, among others, to the following International Markets:

  • New York Stock Exchange
  • Nasdaq
  • American Stock Exchange
  • London Stock Exchange
  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Euronext (Paris Stock Exchange, Amsterdam, Brussels y Lisboan)
  • Swiss Stock Exchange
  • Italian Stock Exchange
  • Stockholm Stock Exchange
  • Oslo Stock Exchange
  • Helsinki Stock Exchange
  • Copenhagen Stock Exchange
  • Vienna Stock Exchange

 Settlement of operations carried out in International Markets

The traded operations are settled on the date set by the Clearing House of each International Market, each Member freely choosing whether to settle said operations in euros or in the currency of the corresponding Market.

The connections with the aforementioned foreign markets are made using, for the exchange of messages, the international standard protocols FIX and Swift. It should be noted that, from the moment of its launch, this new service for Access to International Markets of the Barcelona Stock Exchange is achieving efficiency ratios similar to those in force in the Spanish market in all contracting, settlement and custody tasks. . 

Communication of operations to Official Bodies

The Barcelona Stock Exchange has also agreed to the status of Reporting Entity before the Bank of Spain, for the purposes of making the corresponding declarations to the Balance of Payments Office of the operations carried out by its Members in the aforementioned International Markets, also notifying such operations to the General Directorate of Trade and Investments. 

Integration of operations carried out in the custody and back-office systems

All operations carried out in the International Markets are integrated into the competitive chains of custody and back-office services provided by the Barcelona Stock Exchange, thus managing all corporate events related to said operations (payment of dividends, capital increases, exchanges, splits, etc.) and also providing the corresponding tax information with the innovative on-line system that the Barcelona Stock Exchange has in production and that constitutes a very useful tool for advance tax planning at the end of the financial years. 

Wide availability of operation

This new International Market Access Service launched by the Barcelona Stock Exchange has adopted the TARGET system as its operating calendar, in order to thus provide wide availability of operation to all users.



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