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Deposit Management Service (SGD)
Gestion de depositos  

The Barcelona Stock Exchange has an accredited computer system service for the management of securities deposits, represented by entries to account and physical securities, that is provided to the Adherent Depository Concerns for the payment settlement of stock market operations. This service can be accessed from any geographical point and guarantees the total connection of the mentioned concerns to the payment settlement services described. This computer service allows for the maintenance of the register of entries to account, the processing of any financial operation as well as the necessary information for portfolio management and the sending of date relevant to the Ministry of Taxation and the CNMV.


There are large economies of scale due to the high number of deposits and concerns that are using this management system. The advantage is consequently, the application of extremely competitive prices for the use of this service.

Significant cost savings in operating and connecting with the payment settlement services.

  Gestion de depositos 2

Constant computer application adaptation with no cost to the concern for all modifications performed by the payment settlement services.

Issue of personalised documentation with no cost to the concern.

Security and confidentiality due to the sophisticated access password system.

Information storage for the legal time necessary with the strictest security and confidentiality.



Connection with stock exchange payment settlement services - Adherent concerns may carry out, by batch or on-line, all the customer-received instructions connected to the settlement of operations and securities deposits regulated by the payment settlement services. Information on the settlement account, confirmation and rejection of operations, sale certificates, securities transfer and loan, changes in ownership (art.37 Securities Market Law), blockage and unblockage of balances, etc.

Register of entries – Computer register required of adherent concerns by legislation in which all movement connected to the securities deposits are registered with the necessary information to enable the monitoring of each entry.

Financial operations – Necessary technical back-up to process the orders received from subscription customers, SWAPS, amortisation, etc. and the exercising of the political ad economic rights of the deposited securities.

Portfolio management – Information on portfolio value at cost price the value of which includes the latest changes as well as the economic yield. The user therefore has, in real time, an updated portfolio valuation, economic information on each position, a statement of transactions and a balance at a determined moment as well as RR detail for each customer.

Other information – Personalised notice of financial operations, tax information (movements, dividends, interest and assets), accounting information on all movements registered for any reason and information for the Ministry of Taxation and other public authorities.



The Deposit Management Computer Service (SGD) provided to the Adherent Depository Concerns subscribes to that established in the following regulations:

  • Law 24 of 28th July 1988 of the Securities Market.
  • Royal Decree 116 of 14th February 1992 on representation of securities by means of entries to account and compensation and payment settlement for stock market operations.
  • Decree 171 of 4th August 1992 of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia by which the creation of the Barcelona Stock Exchange Compensation and Payment Settlement Service is provided for.
  • Organisation and operation regulations for the different payment settlement services.
  • Circulars and Instructions issued by the mentioned services.



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