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Record Book of Shareholders and services to Issuers
Gestion de depositos  


LRA offers technical means to Issuers in the keeping of the Register of Shareholders, as well as the Service of communication of holders.


1. Shareholders Registry Book: Service for keeping the Shareholders Registry Book that collects daily information on movements and positions of the shareholders of an Issuer. During the 2019 financial year, all services have been provided satisfactorily. As of December 31, 2019, the service supports 1,334 stations through 62 companies (Management Companies, Participating Entities or the issuer itself).

2. Holders Communication Service: Service through which, at the request of the Issuers, the ownership of their shareholders is informed on a certain date. This is a service of IBERCLEAR and PTS provides functional support to attend and manage the Issuer's requests. PTS assumed these functions in December 2019. During fiscal year 2019, all services were provided from IBERCLEAR in a satisfactory manner.


LRA services are provided by personnel from the Barcelona Stock Exchange, the Bilbao Stock Exchange and the Madrid Stock Exchange.



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