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Clearing Management System (SGC)

The Clearing Management System (SGC) carries out, among other, the following functions:


-         Communication of filter data for automatic acceptance of external allocations (give-up).

-        Transaction registration and traceability.

-        Acceptance and rejection of the external allocation management received from BME Clearing manually and automatically with the following filters:

-          BME clearing filters in order to control risk level: They are established for each Transaction and / or for the session set.

-          SGC filters in order to control risk level of each client: They are established for each Transaction and /or for the session set.

-          Communication with the BME Clearing Parameterization Module.

-          Maintenance of Central Register and Second-Tier Register.


Among the multiple advantages that user Entities of the SGC have, it is worth  mentioning that the Clearing Member can set an Alert Level over the Intraday Risk Limit (LRI). The SGC triggers a warning when the risk exceeds the Alert Level and the

Risk Limit. The SGC performs the risk calculation with the same algorithm that BME Clearing uses.



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