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Computer Center
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The computer services of Barcelona Stock Exchange are rendered through Departament of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that manages all the data processing units and develops the software and all applications operating in this Stock Exchange.

As well as the services rendered to the Central Company, this departament also performs computer information work connected to the stock market, commissioned by Financial Concerns, Securities Companies and Brokers and Issuing Companies.



The Data Processing Centre is equipped with IBM and TANDEM computers that make up a fault tolerance communications ring providing service to more than 400 terminals, incorporating the use of windows, graphic support, mouse use and integration into a sole terminal of the information from different computers.

The disk storage capacity is 20 Terabytes.

The printing system is based on a 10,000-line per minute laser printer.



The main operative systems used by  The Data Processing Centre are VSE/ESA, version 2.6  and GUARDIAN, version G06.18 a 200 mip-capacity and 16-gigabytes.


The communications system is based on a private communication network administered interactively through a control and management product of the mentioned network that guarantees correct operation of the following lines:

  • 30 circuits with 10 Mb.
  • 9 circuits with 1 Gb.
  • 2 circuits with 100 Mb.



Languages used for programming in the environment IBM are:

  • COBOL2 using specific verbs form the database manager and IDMS DB/DC communications monitor.
  • ADS/ONLINE fourth-generation modular language characteristic of the IDMS DB/DC database manager.

In the environment TANDEM they are the following

  • COBOL-85 and TAL in the Host
  • WINDOWS, in the work stations.

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This Departament has modern facilities occupying 500 square metres, electrical continuity equipment, two-company electrical supply and sophisticated security systems. This equipment allows for work to be done in a real double environment and guarantee the financial community services 24 hours a day and every day of the year. With all the previously-described security systems and computer system equipment the Data Processing Centre of the Barcelona Stock Exchange is fully prepared to face the technological challenges of modern stock markets and guarantee Stock Exchange members, Financial Concerns, investors, Issuing Companies and the financial community in general optimum access to these markets while at the same time provides efficient and competitive front- and back-office services with high added value.



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