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Other Back Office Services
Otros servicios back oficce    


Corporate Events Service to Agent Entities

EVCO offers technical means to Agent Entities in the execution of corporate events as well as advice in their planning. EVCO manages all types of event on securities registered with IBERCLEAR (capital increases, OPAs, SCRIP Dividends, swaps, etc. ...).

During 2019, EVCO has adapted to all regulatory and functional changes, successfully providing continuity in service to all Corporate Events presented by the Agent Entities.


EVCO services are provided by personnel from the Barcelona Stock Exchange and the Madrid Stock Exchange.



National Registry of Greenhouse Gas Rights Emission

RENADE's objective is the exact accounting of the issuance, ownership, transfer and cancellation of emission rights established by the obligations established in the framework of the Convention, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreements.

During 2019, RENADE has adapted to all the regulatory and functional changes, successfully providing continuity in the Registry service. As of November 15, 2019, the service supports 1,149 accounts (air operators, facilities, people and businesses).


RENADE services are provided entirely by personnel from the Madrid Stock Exchange.




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