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Other Back Office Services
Otros servicios back oficce  


The Barcelona Stock Exchange has a wide range of computer applications for Barcelona Stock Exchange Company and Broker Agency Members to undertake the Register of Operations (order files, implementation and breakdowns) within the terms established in the Royal Decree 629 of 3rd May 1993 or Circular 3 of 1993 of the National Securities Market Commission.

The main characteristics of this service are the following:

  • Operations from the Securities Market, derivative product markets and non-tradable securities on the official market may be entered. This information is updated from a terminal or by sending a file.
  • The update of order files, implementations or breakdowns of operations performed on the Barcelona Stock Exchange is automatic and is attained as a substitute-product of the publication processes from SGO (Order Management System) Routing and from market information.
  • The order file is also updated automatically with the information of the associated orders received with the securities depositories of the adhered concerns that use the Barcelona Stock Exchange’s SGD (Deposit Management System).
  • The user has various terminals that give him <> access to the order files, implementations and breakdowns to include new operations, consult them or modify them should this be necessary.
  • This application provides the concerns, based on registered information, the necessary files required by the CNMV or by the concern itself.



In addition to the Non-quoted Securities Book Value Register on which there is a specific leaflet, a Publication Service is provided for operations performed on these securities with diverse substitute-products, such as the printing of receipts, sales certificates and other duly personalised documents and the preparation of the corresponding magnetic back-up to provide information on these operations to the Ministry of Taxation, etc.



The Society for Broker Agency Members of the Barcelona Stock Exchange and the concerns adhering to the payment settlement of stock market operations may receive daily information, from any of the established computer information means, associated with the contracting of operations, payment settlements, securities depository and generally that which may be occasioned by any of the services that are contracted by this Stock Exchange.



Annually, the Barcelona Stock Exchange provides its market members and adhering concerns that use its SGD the following information in the formats established for it to be submitted to the Tax Authorities.

  • Form 193 to declare yield from securities capital (Law 14 of 1985 and Law 18 of 1991).
  • Form 194 to declare implicit yield from securities capital (art.3 of Law 14 of 1985 and art. 37 of Law 18 of 1991).
  • Form 198 to declare operations involving public legal authorities and other financial mediators (Law 14 of 1985).



The Barcelona Stock Exchange issues personalised documents with corresponding logos of the Member or Adherent Depository Concern for the operations negotiated in this market (ownership receipts, sale certificates, trading operation invoices) and for the management of the securities deposited in the SGD (dividends and interest yielded, financial amortisation, attached assistance cards, balances and portfolio valuation, expense bills, tax information – yields, movements, assets) etc.



The Barcelona Stock Exchange has an automatic enveloping and correspondence and distribution service organised for documents that are printed in the Stock Exchange Calculation Centre from the Barcelona Stock Exchange activity itself or from documentation from the Companies and Stock Exchange Brokers that have asked for this service. By using file a function of SGD customers, the user may choose, for each customer and each document , whether he wishes it to be sent directly to the registered address of the customer or whether it should be delivered in the Concern itself.



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