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Becoming a member


  • A letter of request to become a member.
  • Incorporation documents of the company.
  • Naming and credentials of the traders who will operate on the Floor Trading and on the Stock Exchange Linking System.



The Barcelona Stock Exchange Operating Company provides a competitive range of services to all of the entities that have been granted membership status. For more detailed information on these services, we recommend that the brochure “Services Provided for Members” is consulted.

Alta como miembro 1



New members pay a fixed annual fee of € 2,900 plus 0.001 per thousand on cash volume traded. This is a general fixed rate established for all the Spanish stock exchanges.

The Barcelona Stock Exchange provides its members with a series of IT services though its subsidiary company Centro de Cálculo de Bolsa S.A.. These services carry a monthly charge of € 180.

For those Entities who so choose, the Centro de Cálculo de Bolsa S.A. offers IT services connected with its depository services. Fees for this service are an annual 1.125 per thousand of the nominal amount deposited, to a maximum of €134.55 per year per client/equity. There is also an annual billing maximum of € 8,293.30, which is the maximum amount chargeable to an Entity for all of the deposits of all their Spanish clients.



Los miembros deberán abonar un canon de 2.900 euros fijos anuales más un 0,001 por mil sobre el volumen efectivo contratado. Esta es una tarifa establecida con carácter general para todas las bolsas españolas.

Bolsa de Barcelona presta a sus miembros una serie de servicios informáticos realizados por su filial Centro de Cálculo de Bolsa S.A. Como contraprestación a los mismos, está establecido un canon mensual de 180 euros.

Para aquellas entidades interesadas Centro de Cálculo de Bolsa S.A. presta servicios informáticos vinculados con la depositaría. Las tarifas de este servicio son del 1,125 por mil anual sobre el importe nominal depositado, con un máximo de 134,55 euros al año por cliente/valor. Existe también un tope anual de facturación de 28.293,30 euros que es el máximo importe que se carga a una sociedad por todos los depósitos de todos sus clientes que tenga con carácter nacional.



Being a member of the Barcelona Stock Exchange provides a fundamental source of savings and business opportunities on various levels, as follows:

  • It eliminates a wide variety of costs.
  • It encourages the depository business.
  • It generates significant savings with respect to equipment for accessing the markets.
  • It generates savings with respect to the use of the communication networks.
  • It provides complete support in the areas of front and back-office services.



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