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Services provided for Investors

The Barcelona Stock Exchange, directly or through the member Stock Exchange Brokering Companies and Stock Exchange Brokers, provides various services to the investors to facilitate their access to the modern stock markets, and to provide them with as much information as possible to assist the decisions that they make concerning their investments in the different markets.

Information on the principle services available is provided below, however, it is recommended that the complete collection of brochures, published for this purpose, is consulted in order to obtain more detailed information.

  Servicios generales inversores



The brokering companies and brokers who are members of the Barcelona Stock Exchange are at the disposal of all of the investors (institutional, private, foreign investors, etc.) to receive their purchase and sale orders for trading in the following markets:

  • Permanent Market (SIBE).
  • MAB Market for small and medium-sized companies.
  • Fixed Income Securities and Registered Debt Electronic Market.
  • Catalan Self-Government Public Debt Market.

All of the members of this Exchange are equipped with an Order Management Routing System ("Sistema de Gestión de Órdenes" or SGO), which receives orders transmitted electronically from the computer terminals of institutional investors, market-makers or foreign investors (host-host connection).

Most of members has systems of on-line trading that allow the reception of their clients orders through Internet. For orders received by telephone, the members have a system of recording the telephone calls to avoid any errors in the receipt or interpretation of orders.



  • Foreign investors

    Personnel from Research Services, the Legal Department and the Department for the Supervision of the Markets and Information of the Exchange are available at all times to explain to foreign investors, the characteristics of the Spanish securities market, the regulatory system and the system applicable to foreign investments and to provide them with contacts of members of the exchange for the channelling and execution of their orders.

  • Investor Protection

    This programme protects the legal rights and interests of the investors and deals with their complaints and claims with respect to transactions effected on this exchange.

  • Creation of Investment Clubs

    Investment Clubs present a suitable way for improving the education, training and practical experience of the members of these clubs with regards to their knowledge of the securities market.

  • Electronic Trading Floor

    This is the most symbolic of the facilities of the Barcelona Stock Exchange and a natural meeting point for the financial market. On the trading floor, the investors are provided with as much information as possible, in real-time, on all of the national and international markets. This information is disseminated through more than 600 monitors, a large video-wall, 4 trade tickers and numerous terminals (Bloomberg, Reuters, Unired, Bridge, MEFF-Power, etc.), which provide value-added information and are available for the use of the investors free of charge. Finally, on this trading floor, the investors also have access to a library, a cafeteria and meeting rooms, where seminars, company presentations, financial transaction launches, conferences by notable individuals and other publicity activities are continuously being held.

  • Diverse publications

    These provide detailed information on all of the markets of the Barcelona Stock Exchange (Quotation Bulletin), on quoted companies (quarterly and half-yearly information), and on the national and international market trends (Trends Bulletin), etc.

  • Indexes

    The Barcelona Stock Exchange calculates and disseminates, in real-time, the following indexes: BCN MID -50, which is the indicator representing the middle segment of the Spanish securities market, BCN Profit-30 and various indexes which facilitate the trading of baskets of securities. It also prepares and disseminates the general BCN Global 100 index which includes the Ibex 35, the BCN MID - 50 and the 15 securities with the highest trading volumes on the Barcelona Stock Exchange, whereby reaching a total of 100 securities. Also, calculate the BCN INDEXCAT - 15, comprising 15 companies with head office in Catalunya.



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