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Investor Ombudsman
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The investor protection programme of the Barcelona Stock Exchange protects the legal rights and interests of the investors and deals with any complaints and claims which the investors may formulate, relating to the deals transacted on the Barcelona Stock Exchange, settlements by its Clearing and Settlements Service or performance and decisions directly related to them, where the investor believes to have suffered an injury as a consequence of improper, negligent or unlawful treatment.



  • The Investor Protection programme is governed by the principles of it being free of charge, rapid and confidential.
  • The claims of the investors are put forward in a preliminary phase before the Department of Markets and Information, which deals with all types of issues and complaints that are presented to it. Details supporting the claim are required in writing if the claims are to be formally submitted before the Investor Protection programme.
  • When a claim cannot be resolved by the process mentioned above, it may be presented before the Investor Protection process, where the proceedings and resolution of the claim will be carried out in writing, although direct mediation by the Investor Protection programme before the parties will be considered for the purpose of reaching an agreement.
  • Claims that may be subjected or are subjected subsequently to legal proceedings or arbitration are excluded from deliberation by the National Stock Exchange Commission, the Bank of Spain Complaints Service or any other official or private watchdog for consumers, users, clients, shareholders or investors.
  • Similarly, claims that affect individuals or entities other than the claimant, the Barcelona Stock Exchange or its members, will not be admitted, nor if they relate to criminal matters.



  • The complaints before the Investor Protection programme should be presented in writing.
  • The time limit for presenting complaints to the Investor Protection programme is one year starting from the date on which the events leading to the complaint arose.
  • Once a complaint enters the Investor Protection process, a copy of the manuscript and supporting documentation will be provided to the representative body of the entity subject to the complaint.
  • When a response from the entity whose behaviour is being questioned has been formulated and delivered to the claimant, a new round of allegations will be initiated which guarantees each party the chance to respond to the arguments of the other.



If an agreement is not reached following mediation by the Investor Protection programme, the process will end with the issue of a final report, in which the Investor Protection programme will declare, properly motivated, its opinion and will propose the measures that it considers most appropriate for a solution to the conflict.



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