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General Services for companies”

The Barcelona Stock Exchange provides issuing companies with a complete and very competitive range of services, aimed at facilitating their access to the modern capital markets to improve their financial structure and to raise funds to finance appropriately their growth and expansion.

In the case of companies that are already listed, different services are provided, orientated towards maintaining close contact and proper dissemination of information between companies and investors for the purpose of funding capital increases and other financial operations that may be of interest to these companies. In addition, they are provided with efficient data processing support for controlling and executing such operations under advantageous conditions that can undoubtedly lead to significant cost savings.

All of these services are provided in close collaboration with the Members or brokers that the issuing companies have appointed to arrange the design and underwriting of the transactions and to obtain a listing for the securities that are being issued, whether the transactions relate to a listing on the Stock Exchange, a public offering, increase in capital, an issue of fixed income securities or any other type of financial instrument.

The main services available are described below, although it is recommended that the complete collection of brochures, that have been published for this purpose, are consulted in order to obtain more detailed information.


All of the personnel of the Departments of the Barcelona Stock Exchange offer their knowledge and professional experience for the benefit of the issuing companies, to inform them of the advantages of obtaining a listing on the stock exchange and on the steps that they should follow to obtain a listing. Specifically, the Research Service provides the necessary support in the preparation of the prospectuses. The Legal Department endeavours to provide information on the documents and deeds that should be presented and, finally, the Department for the Supervision of Markets and Information fulfills the important role of coordination with the CNMV and, where appropriate, with the other stock exchanges to determine the timetable for the carrying out the steps outlined above and to fix the date for the opening of trading on the stock exchange. In the case of companies already listed, the advice and support of these Departments are provided for increases in capital or other financial transactions that these companies may wish to carry out.


The issuing companies, depending on their size and the securities that they wish to issue, may access the following markets:

  • The Permanent Market (SIBE).
  • Market BME Growth for small and medium-sized companies
  • Fixed Income Securities Electronic Market.


As outlined earlier, the Barcelona Stock Exchange provides, under very competitive conditions, various computer services that allow the proper control and execution of take-over bids, public offerings, increases of capital, conversions, exchanges, mergers, capital reductions, payments of interest or dividends, redemptions, etc., carrying out, if necessary, the apportionments or other particularities required for each of these financial transactions.


For quoted companies, this service is of great interest as it provides, in real-time, an up-to-date list of the shareholders of the company at any given moment. It also provides important cost-savings due to the economies of scale that give rise to greatly-reduced fees.


Unquoted companies that wish to take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing, may request the preparation of the accounting registers for their securities from any brokering company or broker which is a member of the Barcelona Stock Exchange and which can provide them with the computer support services of the Data Processing Centre of the Exchange.


To enable the issuing company to track the movement of prices and trading volumes of the securities issued by them, or to monitor the trends of the market as a whole, the following services are provided:

  • Publications of the Barcelona Stock Exchange (Quotations Bulletin, Market Trends Bulletin, etc.) and the bibliographical collection and other documentation available in the Trading Floor Library.
  • Other information and front-office services that are available from the Electronic Trading Floor (Reuters terminals, Unired, Radyx information system, Bloomberg terminals, Infobolsa, CNMV, etc).


The Barcelona Stock Exchange promotes at all times the projection of the listed companies to the public and their level of publicity by organizing presentations for institutional investors, private investors and the financial community in general. These presentations are arranged with the objective of launching financial transactions or, simply, to improve the investors' knowledge of the companies. They are held in the meeting rooms of the Electronic Trading Floor and in the different rooms of the Casa Llotja de Mar, the headquarters of the Stock Exchange. The listed companies also have free access to these rooms to host commemorative or corporate meetings free of charge.



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