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Register of non-listed companies
Registro contable no cotizados  

The Accounting Record of Account Annotation and Shareholders' Record Book service offers technical support for keeping the record of annotations on account of unlisted securities as well as the record book of shareholders, both of securities admitted to trading on a regulated market or multilateral trading system, such as unlisted securities with the record of book entries in Iberclear..


The Accounting Record of Book-Entry (RBE) service offers the issuing Company or the Management Company designated by it the possibility of registering all the transactions that take place in order to know in detail the information that identifies the shareholders of the company . Through a simple technical connection, company managers can consult individual shareholder information, current position and historical movements on their own terminals, as well as aggregated information by nationality and capital percentage, among others.

1. Charactheristics of the service to Accounting Record of Book-Entry RBE

Access to information in real time: Both the issuing company and the entity in charge of keeping the accounting record have a computer connection that provides them with instant information on the accounting record.

Complementary reports: In addition to the real-time information indicated in the previous point, multiple complementary reports are provided with information related to the record (list of shareholders on a date, details of a registration, movements in a period, etc.)

Immediate registration of the transmissions: The communicated operations are registered at the moment of their annotation.

Comprehensive detail of each entry: Identification data of the holders, address, description of the registered transfer, special conditions of the securities, etc.

Control of financial operations: Issuance of position certificates for the exercise of economic and political rights.

2. Advantages

  • Availability of exact, current and historical information on the owners of the securities.
  • Disappearance of physical titles with consequent cost reductions.
  • Technical and legal security in the accreditation of the property.
  • Restricted access to information.
  • Agility in the registration of transmissions.
  • An essential requirement for a subsequent IPO is resolved.



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