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Register of non-listed companies
Registro contable no cotizados  

So the non-quoted Company securities may benefit from the advantages of dematerialization and the latest technological advances of the Spanish securities market, the Barcelona Stock Exchange has a computer service for issuing company-designated Companies and Brokers, for the book-keeping of account entries in the Account Register of official secondary market non-tradable securities, according to the method foreseen by the regulations in force.


  • Availability of exact, current and historical information of the securities’ owners.
  • Disappearance of physical securities with the subsequent reduction in cost.
  • Technical and legal security in accrediting ownership.
  • Restricted information access.
  • Transfer register ease.
  • Indispensable requirement for subsequent quotation on the Stock Exchange resolved.



  • Real time access to information. – Both the Issuing Company and the Concern responsible for book-keeping have a computer connection that provides instant information on the Account Register.
  • Complementary reports. – In addition to the real time information mentioned in the previous point, multiple complementary reports with information related to the register is supplied (list of shareholders on a specific date, inscription detail, movements within a period, etc.).
  • Immediate transfer registering. – Notified operations are entered in the register the same day as they are received.
  • Thorough detail of each entry. – Identification data of security holders, address, description of registered transfer, special securities conditions, etc.).
  • Financial operation control. – Position certificate issue of economic and political rights for the financial year.



Legal regulations determining the transformation of non-tradable securities into account entries are the following:

  • Article 7 of the Law 24 of 28th July 19998 of the securities Market.
  • Article 45 of the Royal Decree 116 of 14th February 1992 on the representation of securities by means of account entries and compensation for and payment settlement of stock exchange operations.



The Compensation and Payment Settlement Service of this Stock Exchange provides the necessary help to proceed with the transformation of non-quoted securities into account entries, together with the concern responsible for book-keeping. Likewise, it collaborates in the tasks necessary to perform the corresponding inscription in the relevant CNMV (National Securities Market Commission) registers.els registres pertinents de la CNMV.



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