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Shareholder Registry

The Barcelona Stock Exchange maintains a complete and up-to-date data base available to Shareholder Societies and Agencies that are members of the Barcelona Stock Exchange and designated by information societies to supply a shareholder registry. Trade values are recorded according to account records and supplied for trade in official second-tier markets.


  • Important scale economies exist as a result of the high number of information societies that access the registry. This in turn results in lowered exchange rates.
  • Significant reduction in operation costs and costs related to settlement services.
  • Availability of concise, accurate and detailed information on shareholders.
  • Automated instant updates on registry information.
  • Restricted access to information.
  • Up-to-date information with complete confidentiality and security.



  • Access real-time information- Information societies and designated Shareholder Societies or Agencies have equal access to a date base which provides instantaneous shareholder registry information.
  • Additional information- In addition to the real-time information previously described, there is extensive additional information available related to the shareholder registry (a list of shareholders for a particular date, inscription information, transactions occurring within a certain period, etc.)
  • Immediate inscription of transactions- Operations communicated by each stock operations settlement service will be automatically recorded the same day it was received.
  • Complete information on each record - Information on individual shareholders, their addresses, a description of the recorded transaction, particular conditions of individual shares, etc.
  • Guaranteed information - The information provided by stock operations settlement services and registry is maintained with no need for additional processing, which guarantees precise information.



The legal provisions upon which the Shareholders Registry Service is based are the following:

  • Supplementary provision 1.6 of the revised Limited Liability Corporations Act states that those organisations responsible for maintaining the registry shall be obligated to provide information societies with the necessary data for shareholder identification.
  • Article 22 of the Royal Order 116/92, 14 February concerning the presentation of shares by way of account information and stock operations.



The Servicio de Compensación y Liquidación (Compensation and Settlement Service) of the Stock Exchange will provide the necessary assistance to register new shareholders in the Registro de Accionistas (Shareholders Registry), and in addition to initial registry assistance, guarantees complete upkeep of the said shareholder.del registre esmentat.



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