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Shareholder Registry


The Accounting Record of Account Annotation and Shareholder's Record Book service offers technical support for keeping the record of annotations on account of unlisted securities as well as the record book of shareholders, both of securities admitted to trading on a regulated market or multilateral trading system, such as unlisted securities with the record of book entries in Iberclear.





The Shareholder Record Book (SRB) has the purpose of recording the daily movements of the positions of the shareholders of the companies derived from the operations settled in the area of ​​settlement, thus offering the possibility of knowing in detail the information that identifies the shareholders of the companies. Through a simple technical connection, company managers can consult individual shareholder information, current position and historical movements, as well as aggregated information by nationality, percentage of capital, etc.

Article 497 of the restated text of the Capital Companies Law recognizes the issuer's right to know the identity of the shareholders regardless of whether or not their shares have to be nominative by legal provision. The issuer may request the treatment of its shares "as nominative" in order to identify its shareholders. This allows companies with bearer securities to have an SRB that offers the daily detail of said shareholders and their movements.

Complementary reports: In addition to the real-time information indicated in the previous point, multiple complementary reports are provided with information related to the shareholders’ record (list of shareholders at a date, details of a registration, movements in a period, etc.).

Registration of transfers: The transactions reported by each of the transaction settlement services are automatically recorded on the next business day from the date of the information reception.

Exhaustive detail of each annotation: Identification data of the holders, address, description of the registered transmission, special conditions of values, etc.

Information guarantee: The communication of the information by the operations settlement services and the update in the registry is done by computer means without any manipulation being necessary, which guarantees the exact registration of the communicated transmissions.

2. Advantages

  • Existence of significant economies of scale due to the high number of issuing companies that use this record, and which has as a consequence the application of very low rates for its use.
  • Significant savings in operating costs and connection with settlement services.
  • Availability of exact, current and historical information on the holders of the securities.
  • Automatic update in the communicated transmissions’ record.
  • Restricted access to information.
  • Information maintenance for the necessary time with the strictest security and confidentiality.



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