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20/09/2018The strategy and volatility index series with IBEX 35® options to be disseminated as of tomorrowBME
12/09/2018BME appoints Laura Sacristán Director of its new Sales areaBME
03/09/2018The Spanish Exchange traded €32.6 billion in AugustBME
01/08/2018The Spanish Exchange traded €47.3 billion in julyBME
25/07/2018The companies in the IBEX 35 reduced their treasury stock 7.2% in 2017BME
17/07/2018The Pre-Market environment welcomes APTE and opens a GROWTH segmentBME
12/07/2018The financing structure of Spanish large listed companies comes closer to the angloxaxon modelBME
02/07/2018The Spanish exchange traded €60.3 billion in JuneBME
27/06/2018BME brings 11 small capitalisation companies together with European investors in ParisBME
25/06/2018CNMV, BME and financial institutions join forces to innovate with BlockchainBME
11/06/2018BME and JB Capital Markets to bring together 13 Spanish midcaps with U.S. investors in New YorkBME
01/06/2018The Spanish Exchange traded €65.9 billion in May, up 6.4% year-on-yearBME
28/05/2018The MedCap Forum to gather over 110 companies and 190 investors tomorrow for a record editionBME
23/05/2018BME & IEAF to offer the market independent analysis of non-covered securitiesBME
10/05/2018The Pre-Market Environment welcomes 3 new companiesBME
03/05/2018The Spanish Exchange traded €65.6 billion in AprilBME
26/04/2018BME to distribute a 0.78€ per share final dividend on 11 MayBME
26/04/2018BME posts €37.9 million profit in the first quarter of 2018BME
23/04/2018Spanish listed companies report an increase in foreign revenues and reduce debtBME
03/04/2018The Spanish exchange traded €49.2 billion in MarchBME
20/03/2018Changes to the Technical Advisory Committee of the IBEX indicesBME
01/03/2018The Spanish Stock Exchange traded €46.5 billion in February, up 2.8% year-on-yearBME
28/02/2018BME posts a net profit of €153.3 million in 2017BME
01/02/2018The Spanish stock exchange traded €50.8 billion in JanuaryBME
25/01/2018The Pre-Market Environment welcomes new participantsBME



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